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How can Documentation Ensure You a Smooth Customs Clearance?

Customs clearance simply refers to the passage of goods through customs in order for them to leave or enter a country. Every country has its own customs department where the rules differ. In order to ensure a smooth passage of the goods and shipments, one needs to go through multiple documentation stages, and they can be extremely hassling if you do not know it all well. The documents ensure that the right duties and taxes are charged to you, and the clearance is achieved. To make it a success, you should know that keeping the documents in place will make your work easier. 

So, here is the list of documents that you need right up there. 

The commercial invoice and goods description 

You will need a commercial invoice for the import process, and this is essential. This can be easily done with the help of the customs broker who is working with you. When you are creating the commercial invoice, you must make sure that you feed in the right details. It will need a lot of it. In order to get the access digitally, it is better that you provide the paperwork digitally too. A complete and accurate waybill is also needed. This will be issued by the carrier. It will acknowledge that they have received and have possession of your shipment. 

Detailed records and copies

It’s a good choice to keep a detailed folder securely in cloud storage that holds all your customs documents. Keep a scanned and updated copy of every document in it. This ensures easy tracking of records when needed. Also, you can make folders based on your shipments too. 

Product specific documents 

There are many different types of documents that countries demand based on the goods and products you are shipping, and they are much more than commercial invoices and waybills. You need to provide a health certificate if you are transporting any perishable goods. Before beginning the process, it is better to look at the customs website of the country and be on the safer side. 

After you have collected all these documents, make sure that you are attaching the waybill and the commercial invoice to the package for it to be clearly visible. This is to ensure that the shipment passes through as quickly as possible, and with Clearit USA customs clearance, this won’t be a problem.

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