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Why Calibration Is So Important: Benefits Of Calibration

When an instrument is calibrated under predetermined conditions, it can precisely detect the correlation between the measured quantity and input. Having your laser alignment tools calibrated by professionals is crucial for precision, quality, and even safety in oil, gas and energy, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, manufacturing, wind power, steel, and other industries. But things don’t stop there! The benefits of Calibration for your company, when performed by qualified experts, are endless. So let’s look more closely!

The Dependability Of The Tools

It is crucial to verify that the drift, performance, and dependability of laser alignment instruments are still within specification after enduring physical stress from rigorous handling over time. These things can be avoided and minimized by calibration. In addition, you need to know that your alignment tool consistently provides you with precise and dependable measurements as a user of any laser alignment equipment. Having your alignment system calibrated can offer you confidence in your machines and maintain their integrity as well.

Efficiency in Calibrating While Improving Quality

Quality calibration is crucial to guarantee that all machines operate correctly and can be calibrated whenever necessary. To be safe, the apparatus must adhere to quality assurance and quality control standards. In addition, the intended readings are “traceable” to the internationally recognized measuring units thanks to the quality calibration process.

We will ensure that all your laser alignment and measuring equipment is calibrated and repaired under the accepted Canadian standards as the National Distributor of Easy-Laser in Canada. We advise that you preserve any files before sending your system to us and that your laser alignment equipment be calibrated every one to two years. You’ll get traceable certificates in addition to having your instruments evaluated by professionals, bench tested, cleaned, and updated with new firmware or software.

Service Knowledge

By having the lab reviewed for accuracy by a different certifying body that evaluates whether the facility in question complies with all relevant rules and requirements, working with an accredited lab gives you additional assurance in quality. Additionally, this guarantees the lab’s expertise in its calibration services.

Calibration Increases Profitability

Profitability can be increased by increasing sales or cutting expenses; calibrating helps with both strategies.

Calibration Can Increase Revenue

Calibration leads revenue growth by helping producers and service providers deliver high-quality products and services with favourable consumer feedback and customer commitment.


Workers need to be kept secure and guarded at work. Regular calibration can provide peace of mind and encourage a safe, beneficial workplace.


Businesses require precise measurements and data to produce a high-quality, dependable product. What effects can an inaccurate temperature sensor measurement have on the finished product? By preventing erroneous product acceptance and rejection and increasing the life of production equipment, calibration of equipment can help save money.

A Significant Return On Investment Is Provided Via Calibration (ROI)

One of the most profitable investments a company can make is calibration.

Consider a maker of potato products, for instance, who must boil millions of gallons of water annually to a specific range of temperatures. As a result, a drifting thermometer’s accuracy can quickly add up to energy costs that are several times higher than the Cost of calibration. In conclusion, calibration contributes to greater profitability and return on investment (ROI) by lowering costs, boosting output, and extending equipment lifespan.

Why is Equipment Calibration Important?

Equipment calibration is essential to provide precise measurements, manufacture high-quality goods with fewer mistakes, and avoid product recalls. Equipment calibration is also crucial to encourage innovation and the creation of new technologies because both depend on precise measurements.

Services For Calibration From BenchmarkPDM

BenchmarkPDM provides calibration services as part of our all-inclusive maintenance solution and is an industry-leading supplier of industrial maintenance services. We offer our customers routine maintenance, calibration testing, corrective maintenance, and more to keep their calibrations accurate and compliant. In addition, our accreditation ensures both the integrity of our systems and the technical proficiency of our staff. Contact us now to learn more about how these services may reduce risk and promote ongoing improvement in your operations.

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