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Tips For Creating a Divorce Settlement

During the divorce proceedings, a person goes through a lot of emotional and mental stress. Upon that, all the hectic paperwork and formalities can make it even more overwhelming. 

A divorce settlement agreement is a legal document containing all the terms and conditions you and your partner have agreed to. The terms and conditions can include all the significant decisions affecting your lives like child custody, child support, alimony, etc. 

Once you and your spouse agree on each other’s terms and find common ground, you can approach your divorce attorney’s to file all the paperwork regarding your divorce. If you want a divorce lawyer, click here and book an appointment today!

Tips for creating a divorce settlement

  • Plan out all the basics first

First, you must acquire all the primary legal documents necessary to make a divorce agreement. You can get these forms from your courthouse’s law library or state law library. Before filling out any forms, you must carefully read all the information. 

To establish an agreement, you must provide your full names as required in any legal document. So provide your and your spouse’s full official name on the agreement and then move ahead.

  • Document all the details

You need to include a range of details in your agreement before you begin to put the terms and conditions. It requires information like:

  • Marriage date
  • Separation date
  • Name and age of minor children involved in the marriage
  • On what basis are you filling this divorce
  • Active addresses and arrangements

  • Agreement confirmation

The next part of your agreement includes a very vital piece of information. You must state that you and your partner agree to the terms and conditions stated in the following document. Consent to the statement plus your legal signature will make the contact official.

  • Split assets and debts

Make a list of all the assets you and your partner own, then divide them equally between you. While discussing the assets, consider their value, who needs them the most, and whether the assets are of any personal sentiment to either of you.  Other than the assets, you also need to divide all your debts equally so that one doesn’t bear the absolute pressure of expenses. 

  • Discuss child custody 

One of the essential parts of a divorce settlement agreement is to have common grounds on child custody and support. The best way to get equal rights and an equal say in your child’s significant decisions in life are to file for an uncontested divorce. This way, both parents can spend equal time with the child, and the child does not have to compromise on either of the parents. 

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