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Diversitech Global Pledges Its Commitment To Environmental Cause Marketing & Local Charities


Diversitech Global Manufacturing is a hand and power tool design, manufacturing, and assembly resource for retailers and businesses. Since its founding in 2000, they’ve delivered customised OEM tool kits for well-known high street and online retailers, with over 30 million hand tools, power tools, and tool kit set combinations.Hand in hand with its manufacturing business, Diversitech Global is deeply committed to local cause marketing and the benefits it brings to communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cause Marketing demonstrates a business’s commitment to worthy social causes that make a significant impact to communities and the environment which, in turn, enhances and promotes the social responsibility brand reputation of the company among consumers.

Since 2009, we’ve donated over $1.5 million to environmental causes, charities & initiatives, such as the Pink Ribbon Foundation which is dedicated to supporting breast cancer research, through our own in-house brands.

With Urban-Farming™, we join in establishing sustainable systems for food-growing gardens in unused land and space.

Our in-house brands are registered members of the 1 percent for the planet initiative- along with Patagonia, Alex Honnold & more

Diversitech’s Sustainable In-House Brand: Gairdin

Gairdín creates sustainable gardening products and is Diversitech Global’s Sustainable Gardening Products Division, which has 20 years of industrial know-how in product creation, manufacture, and private-label branding.

They source their materials from recyclable materials that have met and are certified by the International Global Recycled Standards, The Recycled Claim Standard and the Ocean Bound Plastics Certification Program.

In addition, its product categories feature natural contours, lines, and forms that go well with the company’s use of eco-friendly materials in a variety of popular sizes.

Sustainable Materials

Diversitech offers a range of compelling blends of environmentally friendly materials all of which have globally recognised certification standards in their renewal or recycle criteria. These include:

Ocean-Bound Plastics, captured and recycled before they enter waterways, transformed into new materials, that would have otherwise ended up in open waters

​Algae-Blended Resin, a renewable and naturally grown biomass, replaces the commonplace oil-based thermoplastics found in many household goods

Natural plant fibres, including Wheat Stalk, Wood Pulp, Bamboo, Mugwort Woodworm and Coffee Husk

With different blends of sustainable materials, businesses have available a range of product types that meet manufacturing cost levels, yet still, qualify as certified environmentally friendly items for the eco-conscious consumer.

Strive For Positive Change

Diversitech Global believes that everyone should have the opportunity to give back and make a difference.

You can create a wide range of sustainable gardening options with Gairdín and help your company fulfil its environmental goals and local, social responsibilities.

They stamps and certify their manufacturing in your custom-designed retailer private-label sustainable product lines.

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