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Spiritual Healers Share Wisdom for Coping With Stress

As mental health becomes an increasingly salient issue for people around the world, healers of all kinds have stepped up to make a difference.

Seeking help for serious mental health issues should be taken seriously, and many therapists and psychiatrists have said they feel overwhelmed by the massive surge in requests for help.

However, not everyone feels the need for a traditional Western approach to coping with stress or mental health problems. It’s a question that every individual must answer for themselves. Given the increased isolation that nearly everyone in the world has dealt with over the last few years, it’s not surprising that many people aren’t just seeking a prescription — they’re looking for community, faith and spiritual guidance.

That’s why many spiritual teachers and gurus operating outside of traditional religious practices have seen an increase in interest during the pandemic. Offering virtual forms of connection and spiritual teaching, these unconventional teachers often represent a chance for connecting with ourselves and others in a way that promotes empathy and understanding — something that many of us could use in these turbulent times.

Here are a few spiritual teachers offering remote classes on spirituality and personal healing.


Originally from Jamaica, the teacher and healer known as Mooji has gained an international following for his approach to satsang, which is a form of spiritual teaching he learned while traveling in India.

Now based in the UK and Portugal, Mooji pivoted during the pandemic, making his unique approach to spiritual learning available online through virtual meetings and classes.

In February, for example, he offers two online Satsangs that are free to all through Mooji TV. Those living in India can join the meetings through Zoom. The meetings are now offered online because it hasn’t been possible for Mooji to travel for the last two years.

“These online Open Satsangs are being offered out of our love and connection with Mother India and the Sangha family living there,” his website says.

“During Satsang, Mooji guides, challenges and responds to questioners on Zoom with wisdom, love, humour and searing honesty,” his website says in the event description. “Through Mooji’s presence and direct pointings to Truth, the unfading love, joy and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self.”


Adyashanti was born in the San Francisco Bay Area as Stephen Gray in 1962.

After studying Zen Buddhism in his 20s with Arvis Joen Justi, he took the name Adyashanti, which translates to “primordial peace.”

A prolific author of books, CDs and DVDs, he founded Open Gate Sangha, Inc. with his wife Mukti in 1996 to promote his teachings. The talks, retreats and online courses he has long offered in-person have now been converted to a format amenable to virtual learning.

His website now offers many forms of remote connection, including one-on-one meetings with Adyashanti, online retreats that last for a weekend or for several weeks, and community practices every Sunday.

“Spirituality is not something set apart from life; rather, it is a plunge into the heart of existence,” his website says.

John de Ruiter

A spiritual pioneer based in Edmonton, Canada, John de Ruiter has brought his message of “core-splitting honesty” to thousands of people around the world.

He hosts several online Zoom meetings every week, in which participants can ask whatever questions they desire, and have an intimate conversation with John in the process.

John de Ruiter established the College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton in 2006, which promotes his teachings and makes them available in several online formats.

While John’s teachings are available through podcasts and videos, he also hosts community events, including cinema nights.

“You are ready. You were always ready,” John de Ruiter says. “You just didn’t always agree with what you knew the truth of.”

We all need help in times of stress. If you’ve been looking for a new way to connect and learn, these spiritual healers could be the answer.

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