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Removing Your Existing Central Air Conditioner

Your existing heating and cooling system contain a refrigerant that needs to be eliminated prior to a new one can be set up. According to the EPA criteria, it is unlawful to openly vent this refrigerant into the atmosphere.

A tool called a recuperation machine must be utilized together with a healing storage tank to securely, as well as legitimately, get rid of the cooling agent in the existing central air conditioner system. This is the only process that enables the safe elimination, as well as correct handling of the cooling agent.

Any individual handling any cooling agent or tools consisting of a cooling agent must have a private EPA qualification. An EPA qualification licenses the name detailed on the certification. Consequently, each member of the installment team, solution group, or anyone who could handle refrigerant/equipment including refrigerant is called for by regulation to have their own private EPA accreditation.

When the refrigerant is recovered properly, electric wiring is disconnected from the existing air conditioning system. Near the air conditioning system is a separate box, which is a security device in the situation of emergency. It can shut down your AC system.

From the disconnect box, a “whip,” flexible electrical conduit, carries the power to the air conditioning unit. Good HVAC businesses replace the separate, as well as the whip when changing an air conditioning system, to make certain system safety.

In situations where an old system lacks a detached box, a new one is called for by security codes to be installed with the new AC unit. There are specific installment standards for sizing as well as wiring the separate appropriately.

The circuit breaker needs to be shut off in the electrical panel prior to any job is to be done inside the solution disconnect. As soon as all the existing links are safely eliminated, the existing AC system prepares to be got rid of.

Preparing the Location for the New Central Air Conditioner

Most of the time, the existing area of the AC unit will require some prep work before the new air conditioner can be set in the area. This preparation work includes changing the pad that the new AC system will establish on.

New ACs are taller and bigger than their precursors. There are likewise times when the ground has sunk. Prior to the new pad can be established, the ground needs to be leveled. Good AC firms use a gravel base to level out or accumulate the location where the new air conditioning unit will be placed.

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