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Five cheapest places to purchase property in Bedfordshire


The market town of Dunstable is located in Bedfordshire. It is approximately 30 miles from London and it is also close to Chiltern Hills. People who are frequently approaching Dunstable especially from the north will have by now have become accustomed to seeing several steep chalk escarpments. In fact, in the region of Bedfordshire, Dunstable turns out to be the third largest town. Dunstable and another town known as Houghton Regis are lying in the westernmost parts of the Dunstable/Luton urban area. This region has been populated in Roman times and at that time Dunstable was known as Durocobrivis. Properties in Dunstable can cost approximately £80,000.


One of the more sizable towns in Bedfordshire is a place known as Luton which is one of the important administrative centers in the region. Luton has a population of approximately 220,000 people which is making it one of the largest towns in the region falling just short of city status. Statistic clearly show that Luton is in fact the most populous town in Bedfordshire. Luton is lying along the River Lea and it is only approximately30 miles from London. As far as the history of Luton is concerned it has been determined that the foundations of this town has been laid in the sixth century when it was a Saxon outpost. People can expect as much as £60,000 for properties in this town.


In the UK there are hundreds of small villages such as Whipsnade in the county of Bedfordshire. It is not far from the Chiltern Hills and it is also quite close to Dunstable. It is interesting to learn how the name of the town has been put together. It is an Anglo-Saxon personal name, Wibba which has been combined with the word snæd which is simply a woodland area and therefore Whipsnade simply means Wibba’s wood. There is also another possible variation which is Wystnade which is the word which appears in a legal record dating back to 1460 where in people of Dunstable were accused of the crime of trespassing. Properties can be purchased to property cash buyers from approximately £60,000.


There is a fairly large market town in Bedfordshire which is known as Bedford. This town has a population of approximately 110,000 people. The only town larger than Bedford in the Bedfordshire County is Luton. Furthermore, Bedford has established itself as the historic county town of Bedfordshire. One of the rivers in Bedfordshire is the River Great Quse and Bedford is founded at a Ford on this river. It is also interesting to learn that Bedford is actually the burial place of King Offa of Mercia who was actually be monarch who has ordered the construction of Offa’s Dyke which is located near the Welsh border. Nevertheless, properties can cost as much as £50,000.


It is in the central Bedfordshire district of Bedfordshire that people will find the hamlet known as Woodside. It is located at the place where Grove Road and Woodside Road merge and for those interested in statistics and other interesting pieces of information, Woodside stands 546 feet above sea level. There are indications that the settlement was established during the Middle Ages and this may have been the result of squatters seeking land. According to property experts Wales Cash Buyers, properties can be obtained from approximately £40,000.

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