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Reciting English Poems for Kids

Poems and rhymes have a soothing effect on children, and it is not a surprise if they fall asleep to their tunes. If there is anything that children learn faster than the A, B, and C rhyme, it is the sweet and fun poems that they listen to. Apart from entertaining them, poems for kids help in learning the language and making them understand the world a little better. With many poems available for reciting, you might be confused as to which English poem to introduce to your children. Here, we will look at a few funny, inspirational and rhyming poems for children.

Though children will quickly grasp the words when they intently watch the popular videos on TV, it is best to share a moment with our little ones by singing and dancing to the tunes of the poem. Along with having a great time with their parents by reciting an English poem, they will cherish this memory for a lifetime. As poems and rhymes offer endless benefits of improving the vocabulary of children and making them capable of expressing themselves, we must teach poems for kids. Let us develop their interest in poetry and language with the help of some exciting poems.

How to Choose Poems for Kids?

As we can find many poems on the internet, parents and teachers will have a hard time choosing the right English poem for their children. If your kids are just starting their journey into the world of poems and rhymes, we must give them poems that are fun and engaging. The main aim of poetry is to make them familiar with the English language as well as enable them to appreciate the beautiful verses of the poems. So, giving them short and simple poems will do the trick. As they will be able to easily memorise the lines and words, they will develop a liking for poetry and thus enjoy reciting them.

While selecting apt poems for kids, we must ensure to choose ones which are lively and interesting so that young minds will have something to relate to. By giving poems that deal with familiar objects and topics, we can stir their interests. Moreover, if the poems narrate a simple story or have some action, they will be amused to learn them. Children will also be transported to their little worlds of imagination when we give poems that include fresh images and rhyming words. Hence, let us take care to teach them poems that will tickle their fantasies and enable them to explore the world.

Popular English Poems for Kids

The English language is rich with poems that appeal to children of all ages. But picking out the best from this huge collection might be a daunting task for parents and teachers. Therefore, we have made it easier for you to choose as we have provided a list of the most popular poems for kids. An English poem is enough to make the kids love the language, but we must be wary of what we choose for them. A wrong poem will have an opposite impact on them than what we wish for.

If you wish to keep your children engaged and educated at the same time, poems will be your perfect companion. Whether it be funny, inspirational poems or poems about mother, father and seasons, here is a curated list of poems for kids. You cannot improve the vocabulary of children within a fortnight, but through patience and constant practise, we can help them reach that stage in their learning journey. Caterpillar, My Kite, Now We Are Six, The Rainbow, At The Zoo, and Two Little Dicky Birds are some of the poems that children will find fascinating, and let us ensure to include them in their learning.

A wide variety of topics are dealt with in poems, and children will be able to easily relate to them. Let us make poetry teaching interesting by reciting the poems aloud and enacting the characters in them. Kids will be highly encouraged to follow our lead, and we can nourish their understanding by providing them with the best learning resources from BYJU’S.


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