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 Are Web Directories Relevant Today? Do They Impact SEO?

Before Google introduced smart search algorithms, there were web directories and Yahoo Directory was the most prominent. The results displayed on search engines are based on keywords. On the other hand, a web directory is an assortment of links that human editors review and approve for inclusion. The website links are categorized based on their niche.

Businesses can choose to submit their site in a general directory or niche-specific or location-based directory. For example, BLEEN is an online directory dedicated to Australian businesses.

What is web directory relevance today? Do they impact SEO?

The focus of web directories is similar to search engines. It is to help seekers discover relevant details, as well as assist businesses, gain visibility before their target audiences. In general, web directories are applied for SEO purposes. Google had encouraged directory submissions to build backlinks without concerns about quality but some time ago its algorithm reveals it does not support it.

SEO is all about compliance with Google’s protocol. Over the years, Google algorithm changes reveal that it is concentrated on offering reliable, trustworthy, and quality results for a better user experience.

Google encourages submission to local directory listings. Google is not a web directory but principles used for business ranking are made. Update your Google Plus local listing and ensure all details mentioned are relevant.

Having good user reviews because it increases your website’s chances to show prominently on search queries. The directory your website gets listed on doesn’t matter but have a user-friendly website created and deliver product or service that earns positive social reviews.

Web directories are useful for the local SEO

Organically building quality links and enhancing ranking takes time and even months. Within that time, you can get your website listed on Google plus Local and other reliable local directories. People still use these directories for reference.

Even if your business is a startup and its SEO status is still not established, you can get listed on local directories to gain visibility and build brand awareness. For example, if you are in the flooring business then get listed on Flooring Domain. It is a directory listing committed to floorcoverings and you can attract consumers in need of installing carpet or bathroom tiles, etc.

Always remember –

  • To keep information across different directories consistent and updated. Inconsistency reflects badly on listing quality.
  • Ensure to have a user-friendly and well-functional website.
  • Focus on gathering positive customer reviews because it is valuable. On the other hand, strategically handle negative comments.
  • Consider social media marketing even if you have fewer followers. Reveal your professionalism and expertise, which will influence readers and enhance your follower base.
  • All web directories are not good, so check domain authority and stay away from high claims.

Industry Link Online is a high-domain business directory as well as a helpful blog. It is a platform to list your business as well as you can publish your post on their website.

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