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How does medical record review help attorneys in electric shock injury lawsuits?

Electricity is widely used in the modern world, and as a result, the number of electrical shock injuries has also increased. The majority of these electric shock injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence.

The type of litigation that follows an electric shock injury differs depending on the person’s negligence. Personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and product liability are all viable claims for electric shock injuries. It would be decided by several factors, including where the incident occurred, who was engaged, and the cause of the electric shock.

Once the attorney determines the kind of lawsuit, he will need several records to strengthen the lawsuit. The victim’s medical record is one such crucial document needed for the claim.

Nowadays, due to the increasing number of electric shock injuries, attorneys who handle these cases find it difficult to take on the other aspects of the lawsuits since they have to spend more time on medical record reviews.

Are you an attorney who finds it challenging to handle these types of cases?

Do you encounter difficulties when trying to review medical records?

If so, put your concerns aside.

Let me help you by offering you a feasible solution for medical record review to ensure your success in electric shock injury lawsuits.

How medical records are significant in electric shock injury lawsuit?

Similar to other lawsuits, the amount of compensation attainable in an electric shock injuries lawsuit is also determined by the severity of the injuries.

The only documentation proving the extent of the victim’s injury as a consequence of the defendant’s negligence is found in the victim’s medical records. As a result, medical records are crucial for the attorneys to keep up a strong lawsuit.

What are the details presented in the medical records?

  • Medical records provide the reason for the hospitalization of the patient.
  • It carries the information on early diagnosis and the treatment options.
  • It shows the pre-existing diseases of the patient.
  • Even the normal laboratory results are recorded in medical records.
  • The information of surgery, medications prescribed and treatment taken by the patients are present in medical records.
  • In addition to the injury’s cause, required medical care, and anticipated outlook, other information about the injury is recorded.
  • Information about the facility where the patient received treatment is also recorded.
  • It gives a thorough description of the whole hospitalization, including all medical encounters, any potential consequences, the injury’s long-term repercussions, and any necessary follow-up treatment.

Attorneys can advance their legal battles with the use of these information. The medical records of the victims are frequently reviewed by attorneys to make their work easier.

What is medical record review?

The medical record review is reading well over the medical records and emphasizing the essential details that are required for the legal proceedings. Examining their clients’ medical records is not an easy task for the attorneys.

What are the common difficulties faced by the attorneys in medical record review?

  • The first thing that the attorneys lose while reviewing medical records is time. It takes a lot of time to review the vast number of medical records that their internal teams would find difficult.
  • Most of the medical record providers provide the records in an unorganized manner. These disorganized records make the attorneys’ work difficult, as it feels difficult to arrange them in any order.
  • In many circumstances, especially when hospital admissions and other complicated procedures such as surgeries are involved in electrical shock injuries, the attorneys have to review a large number of medical records.
  • It is difficult for the attorneys to identify the missed or incomplete records.
  • As medical records are collected at different times from different healthcare institutions and health care providers, the probability of issues such as duplicate data, irrelevant information, old medical records and so on may arise.
  • Health care providers may use their own forms in preparing medical records, which the legal team may find difficult to read and understand.
  • Legal practitioners who do not have a medical background may have difficulty identifying the medical reports that are relevant to the case. As a result, they may waste a lot of time attempting to interpret the content in meaningless data that are retrieved.
  • Electronic medical records can’t provide essential information, yet they are readable. The provider often moves between many web pages in order to add information to the checklists. This might lead to the loss of narrative information, which is crucial for comprehending events and assessing a case involving a personal injury or medical malpractice. Records are usually created randomly and there are several difficult EMR software systems.
  • Even though certain handwritten documents may be unreadable, many healthcare facilities still maintain them. Attorneys’ attempts to determine which health care provider wrote what and integrate the many medical events may lead to material weaknesses.
  • Even if the medical record is well-organized, an attorney and their legal team may find it difficult to understand the unfamiliar medical terminology and signs.

These are the common challenges that attorneys actually meet. Therefore, attorneys often use the service offered by medical record review companies to ensure that all pertinent medical records are thoroughly reviewed as well as to save both time and money.

How does an outsourcing company help attorneys in medical record review?

Working with the best medical record review company is the best option for you if you’re having trouble in reviewing medical records.

Companies that specialize in medical record reviews will have a staff of experienced reviewers. As a result, the quality they provide, the time they take, the data they safeguard, and the price they want are all highly advantageous to the attorneys.

In addition to possessing sufficient knowledge to handle all types of medical records for cases like electric shock injuries, the professional medical record reviewer ensures that no important details are missed that are necessary for the legal proceedings.

In order to construct a compelling lawsuit for an electric shock injury lawsuit, it is extremely useful for the attorneys to work together with the finest medical record review firm.

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