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BBQs2U For Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Accessories and Add-on

BBQs2U have a store in Abersoch Garden Center since 2002 and went online in 2010. They have good experience in selling barbeques, tools, and accessories to hundreds of satisfied customers. The family is touchy about barbequing, so after thorough research, they planned to build a business that sells branded products. Their deep viewpoint about barbequing is also shared with enthusiast grillers.

In BBQs2U inventory, people can choose brands like Napoleon, Masterbuilt, Ooni, and Kamado Joe. Every brand has undergone a thorough test before it got added to its inventory. The chosen brands stand true in features, performance, durability, price, and warranty. The accessories category includes smoking gear, charcoal & briquettes, tools & utensils, rubs & sauces, thermometers, and cooking island.

Kamado Joe’s innovation Kettle Joe is a 22” grill with exclusive ceramic cooking features for heat retention, even cooking, juicy & smoky flavors, and fuel efficiency. Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Accessories include –

  • SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber insert that creates a cyclonic airflow and transforms the grill into a smoker.
  • Divide & Conquer system for direct and slow cooking. The 2-tier grates allow controlling the heat with the lowest one designed for searing and grilling, while the raised one for slow cooking.
  • Folding side shelves allows creating large cooking space to use and folding it for easy storage.
  • A heavy-duty cart is designed from rust-free galvanized steel. The legs are thick and strong. There is a board insert attached to the cart for extra storage. The robust wheels allow easy mobility and a locking system for keeping the cart locked to the ground securely.
  • Ceramic inserts for the firebox allow to remove and keep grill light for transporting it to camping sites or in the backyard. The ceramic inserts when glided in the firebox helps to control the temperature for a long cooking time with low fuel consumption.
  • The conical-shaped charcoal basket packs coal tighter thus enhancing fuel efficiency. It includes a divider that allows setting two cooking zones to use the Divide & Conquer system.
  • Kontrol Tower protects the vent from rain and wind. No need to reset the vent all the time lid is opened.
  • The air lift hinge is easy to lift and close the enormous ceramic lid as the weight is significantly reduced.
  • Slide-out the ash drawer and clean the residue. Cleanup is quick without removing interior parts.

There is a range of KJ accessories designed to suit the ceramic models like the pizza stone, griddle, grate, Joetisserie, DoJoe, and more. Kamado Joe Classic II and Big Joe II are also popular in the market. Kamado Joe has been introducing generations of grills that gained fame because of their build quality and retaining heat and airflow consistently to offering versatility introducing updates in the form of accessories and add-ons.

On Twitter, BBQs2U have tweeted about their ongoing KJ’s Kettle Joe Bundle deals. It includes Joe Kettle cover, KJ Big Block Charcoal, and lighters. The product is also offered at a 15% discount. Why wait for next season…..grab the opportunity, NOW!

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