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What are the different things to know about air rifles?

Air rifles have been used for a long time as they were invented in early 16th century. From then on they are being used for various purposes by different people which includes competitive sports such as the Olympic 10 m Air Rifle and 10 m Air Pistol events besides other activities. The pre charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles are getting more affordable these days and thus it has encouraged the competition to expand further by allowing larger projectiles and further target shooting.   

If you are looking to buy an air rifle its best to do thorough research and choose the ideal rife that caters to your specific requirements. There are several top class companies that manufacture these rifles which are then sold on different platforms. One such platform where you can find a variety of these rifles is Ronnie Sunshines. The highly qualified and trained professionals at the company do research and provide the best air rifle brands to the customers. Along with air rifles they also offer air pistol, air rifle kits, pet supplies as well as gun ranges. 

To help you further with  your decision making regarding buying a rifle, Ronnie Sunshines has provided 24 hours customer support service in order to help you with  your queries and doubts that you may encounter during or after buying any of their products. You can also easily filter your search on the website by sorting the rifles by different categories like price range, brand, availability and product type. 

Different products available at Ronnie sushines

At Ronnie sunshine you will find almost all types of air rifles or air guns. One of the popular products  sold on the company website is FX Impact Compact M3 Black that can be found in both .22 caliber and .177 caliber and it is a PCP rifle. It is available on sale at £1,839.00. This rifle has everything that one can want in an air rifle. 

The rifle has been upgraded with latest technology to give you most accurate and capable air gun in the market. One of the many amazing features is the quick tune system that helps the shooter fine tune the accuracy of the rifle without much hassle. Other options include S510TR Tactical Air Rifle at £1,349.00. Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter – Walnut – PCP Air Rifle at £1,109.00, etc. These are some of the latest and most expensive air rifles available at Ronnie sunshine.

The medium range air rifles include Kral Jumbo Hi Cap Camo Air Rifle at £595.00. it has 500cc air capacity and comes with 220 shots per fills in .22 and comes with hard carry case. Another one is Walther Stainless Steel Lever Action .177 At£449.00it is a co2 rifle and has a capacity of atleast450 shots at constant energy. Some of the cheaper rifles are Heckler & Koch MP7 SD .177 Air Rifle at £160.00 and this is designed to look like elite submachine gun that’s in current use by elite police and military units across the world. 


Paul Blackwell is the author of this article on air rifles. Find more information, about air rifle kits.


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