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Up Your Jewellery Game With Customised Diamond Cocktail Rings

The idea of a cocktail ring extends several possibilities of preference or taste. This same concept goes for diamond cocktail rings, enabling you to admire the same elegance without purchasing a new piece for each occasion or every dress. What’s best about cocktail rings is that it grabs viewers’ attention, unlike ordinary diamond rings. 

What is a Cocktail Ring? 

A cocktail ring is basically bigger than any ordinary ring. It consists of a large centerpiece, which is further enhanced with the embellishment of smaller stones at the time of setting. The term ‘cocktail’ originated after people started wearing such large rings when attending cocktail parties. It often outshines any other jewellery piece, making the wearer stand out. 

Later, the use of this ring moved beyond the cocktail parties. It’s now even worn during any other special occasions, like birthday parties, red-carpet occasions, and more. You can even use the cocktail ring even when dressing up informally. 

How to Purchase Beautiful Cocktail Rings For Different Occasions 

The diamond cocktail rings are classy and way more elegant than any other jewellery piece you wear. That’s why this ring often makes a fashion statement like no other jewellery.  

But before you consider purchasing a cocktail ring, you need to keep certain things in mind: 

  • While cocktail rings are often available in imitation materials, you can customise a diamond cocktail ring for grand impact. 
  • The design of a cocktail ring enables you to reimagine a unique sense of fashion. So, it lets you put your ring beyond any ordinary jewellery idea. 
  • The setting of a cocktail ring is more important than the designs and stones you select. The material or metal required for setting can impact the sparkle of a cocktail ring, its ability to stand out during special events, as well as its durability. 
  • Some cocktail rings are often more expensive and more glamorous than wedding rings. But you can make it affordable by choosing specific metal or stone that’s within your budget. 
  • When designing a cocktail ring, the main focus is on the center stone. So, choose an elegant and natural stone for the centerpiece. You need to remember that the centerpiece is the main aspect of choosing your ring, as it will be noticed by everyone. The final size of the centerpiece stone makes it easier for everyone around to notice its elegance or even its flaws (if any). So, it is best to select it with utmost care so that it makes you stand out whenever you put the cocktail ring on your finger. 
  • The stone’s clarity makes your ring easy to sparkle. Therefore, it is best to choose a stone with better clarity. After all, it will shine even when under dim light. When selecting the main stone, it is best to settle for a natural diamond that will offer the best sparkling effect. 

Customised Diamond Cocktail Rings

Getting customised jewellery is an “experience in itself”. At Gemrize, we make the process of designing a custom diamond cocktail ring effortless. Our dedicated team of professional jewellers works with you closely to create a jewellery piece that you’ll treasure for lifetimes. 

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