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Time-Saving Tips to Find IT Jobs In Mumbai

The information technology or the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. It is also considered a lucrative industry with excellent job potential, high pay benefits and unlimited growth opportunities. 

So, if you are looking to find IT jobs in Mumbai or any other city in India, here are a few time-saving tips that will help you stay away from the clutter. 

Know about the industry

If you are interested in working in the IT field, you must first take your time to understand what the industry is all about and what kinds of jobs are out there. Do your research well, and know about the different fields of work within the IT industry that interests you? Once you do that, assess your strengths and skill sets, check what jobs align with your interests and skills, and pursue that. 

Knowing precisely what you want to do will help you save a lot of time and help you put focused efforts in that direction. 

Polish your IT skills

Depending on what kind of job you are looking for, make sure that you try to brush up and learn new skills relevant to you. Generally, most IT jobs are skill-based, and the employer would look for professionals with specific skills and who are masters at it. So, look through the different IT-related jobs and see what skills you can learn or polish. Some of the common skills you may find listed in the IT job description include –

  • Familiarity with different computer operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, Mac, etc. If you have the expertise and experience working with all these OS, you would be in an excellent position to work with several devices and broaden your employment scope. 
  • You must have a thorough understanding of the computer and internet security systems, including encryption and firewalls. 
  • Having advanced computer networking skills like network access and IP service may open up plenty of job opportunities. 

Get a certification

If you are a fresher or want to switch to the IT industry, it would help to have specific certifications that would make you a qualified professional to take up a job immediately after college. Know your interest in the field and complete a specific certification course accordingly. Some of the specialised certifications that are always in demand include cybersecurity, ethical hacking, etc. 

Getting a certification means you would have to pass an exam. But once you do that, you would have a distinct edge over others looking for a similar job. 

Build your experience

Whether you want to take a job as a systems engineer or network administration, having relevant experience in the field will help you get jobs faster than others. There are many ways to gain experience in the field. 

You can take up internships during college. This will help you get exposure to the actual work, and you may get to work on a specific project that would give you a fair experience of the challenges involved and how you can resolve them. Also, eventually, when you pass out, the internship experience could help you get a job faster than others. 

Another way to build your experience is to take up some freelancing jobs. For example, many web developers like to work as freelancers. This allows them to take on different projects of their liking and get some valuable experience and income while looking for a full-time job. 


Networking is one of the best ways to get a job in the IT field quickly. You can use social networking and online job portals to connect with recruiters, friends, and old co-workers working in a similar field to know about a potential job opportunity. The better your online presence, the higher your chances of getting a job faster. 

Final Word

Use the above tips to your advantage, and you may be able to find the IT job you are looking for in no time. 

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