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Step-By-Step SEO Learning Process To Master In 2022

SEO is a never-ending process. There are new changes every day in the algorithm and new trends to learn about. It is important to keep up with these changes and stay updated on the latest trends

Buy domain and hosting

Purchasing a domain and website hosting together can save some money since many providers provide free domain registration to hosting customers. I do really recommend buying a domain and hosting and putting it under one service provider for easy management . this scenario is unlike what used to happen during the infancy times of internet where if payment expires, the domain is stopped from running and can cause chaos.

Setup WordPress blog or website

Lately, out of five websites being build four is being done by the use of wordpress. WordPress has come to the rescue of internet users who find it hard to learn coding yet they want to create a website. But first , one should learn how wordpress works, from an expert or through online trainings being done. Digital Africa agency is among the best few marketing agencies in Kenya  and Africa who haves skilled experts who can help you turn an idea into a business through web development and digital Marketing.

Focus on UX (user experience)

This applies to anyone no matter what they are doing. Human beings are designed to be attracted by the first impression you give them. If customers find your site not as interactive as they expected, they will be obliged to skip or go to your competitors site. First thing is  to make sure you learn how to retain that client to spend more time in your site, the more time spend, the more likely they will try to get whatever you  are selling or providing.

Find the right keywords

This applies to the use of different keywords tools such as wordtracker. Using the right keywords nowadays is more advice for the search engine compared few years ago, unlike traditionally when search engines depended on many keywords, today search engine has been designed to work like human brains. Even if you do not use the exact keyword in your content, there will be a correlation to what your content has and you find your page being ranked for the same.

Learn the use of internal link and back links.

These are  links which drives traffic to your website from different page. Learning them is very crucial as to avoid over using them or under using them. They are the one that can be used to measure how new or old clients have engaged with your page and where should be improved. They are mostly used in contents in different articles or blogs.

Master social media pages.

You cannot depend only on the content which is in your website unless you create something users can interact with in there day to day familiar social media pages. Learn how to market your content from this sites and even though you can’t measure their traffic depth, you might realize their importance in the long run.

Learning SEO can be done mostly through physical experience from SEO experts and daily research on the new market trends.

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