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Should You Choose Water-Based Paint Over Oil-Based Paint For Home?

Getting a home painting done might seem like a daunting task. But once you know which option to choose between oil and water-based paint (สี น้ำ ทา บ้าน, which is the term in Thai), it gets easier. When it comes to choosing between the two types of house paint, there is so much to understand more than the mere wall colour. People spend excessive time evaluating the paint finish, colours and paint brand instead of focusing on the overall impact.

Water-Based Paint: What To Know?

Water-based paint is one of the popular and much-talked-about types of paint for home applications. This is because apart from being environment friendly, this paint type is also odourless and is available in various colour options. In addition, water-based paint is easier to apply with paint rollers and brushes. They are also coined as latex paints and come with a binder with water and pigment. 

Water-based paint is far more beneficial compared to oil paint because:

  • They dry quicker
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hass less or zero odour
  • Retains its colour for a long time
  • Are easily cleanable with water and soap.

What To Understand Before Buying Water-Based Paint?

Before buying any paint type, you must evaluate the present paint on your house walls. Determine the present type of paint that exists on the surface. For this, you might have to use denatured alcohol to wipe the surface. If you find picked-up paint on the rag, then be assured that it is a water-based paint. However, if there’s no paint on the rag, then it is an oil-based paint.

Here’s What You Should Consider Before Applying Any Paint

Once you determine the product according to the surface and the area for application, you have to prepare the surface to make the most of the paint. Check if the wall is solid or contains cracks. In case you come across cracks, make sure to repair them with a concrete wall crack repair solution. The key to acquiring concrete strength is through picking the best concrete repairing item.

However, if your wall isn’t in a good condition, make sure to seek professional help. If the concrete isn’t strong, the applied paint might not properly work. For instance, the applied paint might not stick and result in flake, thereby failing to protect your walls. For optimal paint results, you might want to combine brilliant workmanship with the right concrete repair products. 

For bathroom wall painting, you might want to waterproof the space before the paint application. Improper waterproofing will prevent the paint from adhering to the wall and result in blistering and chalking issues. However, if you don’t know about waterproofing, then get a professional. Waterproofing the wall is an integral aspect before applying oil or water-based paint on them. 

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