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Process of Making Bamboo Socks and Its Popularity

One of the fastest emerging high-quality materials is bamboo fabric, which is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. Many people must not have heard about bamboo socks. But there are many online shops and markets that are selling the most beneficial bamboo socks. Most of them must not have imagined about the bamboo and they might be curious thinking how the bamboo socks are made? To know – Bamboo socks are made somewhat like this:

How Bamboo Socks Are Made – 

Bamboo is a soft and comfortable fabric and to make soft bamboo socks takes a very lengthy process. The process is as follows –

  • The first process is that the leaves of the bamboo are crushed, including its inner portions, and the trunk.
  • The bamboo material is broken down materially.
  • Next, the crushed bamboo is kept in a solution of sodium hydroxide for 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • It is kept for 3 hours after which alkali is produced i.e. also known as alkali cellulose.
  • Next, the alkali cellulose is crushed and pressed properly to eliminate the excess or remaining sodium hydroxide.
  • After that, it is crushed in the grinder and then it is left for 24 hours.
  • Then, 3 times the amount of carbon disulfide is added to the cellulose to make it into a jell.
  • Next, the jell is decompressed to evaporate any excess carbon disulfide.
  • Then, sodium hydroxide is added to the subsequent sodium xanthogenate.
  • It creates a viscose solution of 5% sodium hydroxide and 15% bamboo fiber.
  • Through a spinneret nozzle bamboo cellulose is squeezed into the sulphuric acid solution.
  • This produces bamboo thread that is spun into bamboo yarn.
  • The yarn is knit to produce bamboo socks, women thin socks of bamboo, bedsheets, etc.

Alteration of Chemicals – 

It is an amazing thing to know how a woody bamboo can create a fabric that is smooth and soft more than cotton. Not only is the fabric soft, but the bamboo fabric is also durable. The secret to texture transformation lies in the process. Bamboo is crushed and soaked in carbon disulfide and then sodium hydroxide. Doing this changes the chemical composition of the bamboo producing viscose. It then creates a fiber that the manufacturer or the producers turn into yarn. One of the things that you will know about bamboo is that it has a porous texture, which naturally produces or creates porous fibers. The texture of the bamboo is very light and it is breathable. So, it is one of the best wears for summer.

Reasons for Popularity: Bamboo Socks – 

This is one of the reasons why bamboo socks are gaining popularity-? Bamboo socks are anti-bacterial. It is also non-allergic and breathable. Bamboo fibers have round surfaces with thin and smooth textures. People that have sensitive skin should choose to wear bamboo socks as it also helps in removing foot odor, bacteria, eczema, and sweats. Moreover, bamboo socks can be used all around the year because they have thermo-regulating properties like they are warm in winters and cool in summers. Bamboo socks also absorb sweats and moisture faster than any other socks and it keeps your feet dry and fresh always.

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