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Podium: One Of The Vital Parts Of The Construction

The Podium is one of the vital parts of the construction. A podium is an architecture that forms the base or foot of a building. The horizontal bifurcation between the upper and lower podium characterizes it. The wall’s decorative floor or lowest area is also called a podium. Many multi-story buildings treat their ground or above story as podiums. They usually structure the Podium with a plinth modeled base and plinth at the bottom. Roman architecture is one of the best examples of a podium structure.

Podium Construction Simplified

Podium is called platform construction, and concrete is used to build a base and then topped with wooden frames. Commonly, 4-5 story buildings use this type of construction and convert residential spaces in commercial, retail, and parking spaces.

Different Classes Of Podium Construction

There are two standard podiums or platform constructions.

  1. The concrete slab that acts as a structural floor and transfer slab for further construction are called a multi-family podium.
  2. The structure in which they convert the basement into a living space is called a single-family podium. Benefits of it include sound transmission reduction, reduced vibration, and increased fire protection.

Podium Construction And Its Benefits

·        Paneling Saves Money And Time.

Podium architecture is a paneled structure, and it allows us to save both time and money. Also, wooden architecture provides an insulating effect to the building, resulting in lesser electricity bills.

·        Suitable For Retail And Commercial Spaces

The podium structure is perfect for commercial use. Podium space for rent (เช่า พื้นที่ ออก บูธ อาคาร สํา นักงาน, which is the term in Thai) are trending these days.

·        Allow Ease Of Additional Install Amenities.

The podium building structure enables us to include additional amenities. Outdoor amenities may comprise pools, terraces, extra parking spaces, etc.

·        Highly Sustainable

Podium designs are environmentally sustainable. Wondering how? In podium design buildings, wooden frames are used to build most buildings. Wood is a natural resource and available without reluctance. Along with it, wood is non-poisonous and biodegradable. Hence, using wood for building construction is safe, unlike concrete.

·        Structural Stability

Podium construction uses precisely engineered beams. They offer a concrete building structure, providing us with durability and strength. Podium buildings are still lightweight, and they are safe and stable.

Podiums style designs are highly sustainable. In addition, they are cost-effective in terms of labor and materials, and it also offers flexible and speedy construction.

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