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Interesting facts about Gold 

Everyone knows that gold is a valuable commodity. There are people in the world who have a deep affinity for gold, in some cases they may be called fanatics. These are the kinds of people who know the most obscure facts about the yellow metal and there are plenty of bizarre things that ordinary people don’t know about this precious metal. Besides the fact that gold is recyclable and you can get cash for gold even if it is broken, scratched, or damaged in one way or another, here are some more interesting facts.

  • Gold has been known and used since ancient times.
  • “Gold” is a word derived from “gyldan” a word that comes from old English. The word means yellow. The Aztecs called gold “Teocuitatl” which loosely translates to “excrement of the gods” in English.
  • The Symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements is Au. This stands for Aurum with is latin for  “glowing sunrise”.  
  • Gold is more than just a shiny metal that looks good, it is an important component in many industrial applications. It is used virtually everywhere because of its unique properties of anti-corrosion and conductivity. 
  • Gold is is a dense metal. Although toxic chemicals may be used in the process of extraction gold itself is non-toxic and is often used in making exotic meals, in skincare. 
  • There have been significant developments in the field of medicine that involve gold. This precious metal is liquefied and administered to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. People believed that the bubonic plague could be cured by drinking a mixture of molten gold and crushed emeralds in the 14th century. On the other hand, molten gold was used as a method of torture during the Spanish Inquisition.
  • Gold is soft and malleable. It can be into thin sheets. An oz. of gold can be hammed to a 300-square foot sheet. The sheets can be hammered to a point where they appear to be transparent. Extremely thin gold sheets can appear to be greenish-blue because gold happens to be a strong reflector of yellow and red. 
  • Gold is very rare. Approximately 197,576 tonnes of gold have already been mined. Miners are already gearing up for peak gold. The amount of gold being extracted from the ground might have reached its peak but the sea is filled with gold. A litre of seawater contains 13-billionth of a gram of gold. The problem is that recovering gold from the sea costs more than the actual gold itself. So, we should be thankful for the fact that gold that has already been mined and turned into other products can be recycled. As long as there is gold jewellery in circulation, there will be cash for buyers who are looking for old, new, dented, scratched, broken, and basically in any condition.

Many cash for gold shops deal with people who adore and are obsessed with gold, they do more than just buy it for investment purposes they also wear it as gold jewellery and collect gold coins and usually have many photos of their collection. Then there are those who show it of like Elvis Presley who had the chrome components of his Stutz Motor company cars replaced with gold. This is something that has been done extensively since with a lot of rich people plating their high-end luxury rides with gold.

Gold is believed to be an other-worldly material created right at the dawn of time when the earth was created. Scientists also believe that there is a lot of gold that still exists on Mars, Venus and Mercury. If you have gold you have something truly precious, and there are a lot of cash for gold buyers who will offer you a lot of money because in addition to the industries that need gold there are always people who want shirts made entirely of gold, or crave a golden ice-cream, or wants a gold case for their iPad pushing the demand even higher.

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