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Over the years, the improper disposal of tires has been a cause of land pollution, blocked drainages, and fire in some cases. Since the invention of tire shredders, humans have been able to enjoy both economic, financial, and environmental value from the development of tire-shredding. Tire Shredder is made of over fifteen materials that have many economic uses even after expiry. Most of it is used as scrap, burned for fuel, about 12% is used in crumb rubber products, while other uses are for civil engineering and construction. With the right equipment, shredded tires of different textures can be processed and reused in a variety of ways which can serve as raw materials for different industries.

The economic value of tire-shredding to humans is tremendous as it reduces waste and promotes marginal utilization of all resources put together to make up the composition of a single tire. Tire Shredders since invented have helped reduce improper disposal of tires thereby reducing environmental pollution and hazards that mess up public spaces.  Like waste recycling, it helps us reinvent and recreate materials. Once a tire is worn out because it can no longer produce good traction, it becomes open to a variety of usage as every part of it is important. Shredded tires can be used for rubber floor tiles, children’s playgrounds, fuel for waste to energy plants, moulded rubber products, road bumps, highway crash barriers, etc. Another economic value is that it creates employment opportunities. A single tire recycling factory can be large enough to accommodate over fifty employees including factory workers, operators, cleaners, engineers, and technicians.

Apart from the fact that the tire-shredding business can be a huge capital investment project with one primary shredding machine going for as much as $130,000 to $150,000, the business is very lucrative because each machine, if well maintained, can last for decades. It can be a good investment where losses are hardly incurred. The price of a used Tire Shredders ranges from about $25 to $50 dollars. In fact, some tires are left abandoned on the streets or even disposed of in the trash. Does that sound like free money? When such tires are collected and recycled, they can be sold for as much as $299.00 to $699.00 per ton on Alibaba. Environmental companies such as Genan have built a fortune from tire-shredding, recycling over 375,000 tons of tires per year.

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