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Ideas for Setting up Your New Home

It’s always exciting moving into a new home, isn’t it? There’s the chance of setting up an entirely new place, creating spaces, and calling it your home. A new home brings with it a fresh start, a new neighborhood to explore, the chance to finally get that coffee table you saw at the mall for the living room; and if you have a back yard then imagine all the fun ways you can set that up!

We usually tend to think of how we want the interiors to look like, how to set the furniture in every room, things like that – but what we don’t pay attention to, well most of us, are the ways in which you can make improvements to your new home. First energy movers offer out-of-the-box ideas for new homeowners – ways in which they can upgrade their new home in terms of security and comfort. 

So what are the ways in which you can bring about these upgrades to your new home?

Home Security

Home security should always be a top priority, whether you move into a new home, or if it’s at your existing residence. Smart Gadgets provide a very secure and convenient way to monitor your home 247, and from wherever you are. That means even if you’re away on vacation, you can watch over your home from your smartphone miles away. Here are smart gadgets that measure up as great home security alternatives.

  1. Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras will be the new favorite gadget that you own. These cams come in wired and battery-operated variants, with a small, sleek design that can be placed practically anywhere or even mounted onto walls. They fit right into any aesthetic and for outdoor purposes, they are weather resistant – which means uninterrupted live video feed, that too in HD with two-way audio available as is in most smart cams. Their video feed is accessible from mobile applications that can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets, giving you access on the go.

  1. Video Doorbells

Much like smart cameras, video doorbells are also accessible through our smartphones and tablets, while some are also voice assistant compatible. Video doorbells are available in two variants: wired and battery-operated – either way, they are quite easy to install. With this particular smart doorbell, you get the convenience of answering your door from your phones even while you’re away! No one has to know you’re not home. What’s more, is that certain video doorbells also keep a video history backup for you to preview later.

  1. Smart Smoke Detectors

What’s better than a regular smoke detector? Smart Smoke Detectors of course. Smart smoke detectors combine the works of photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors and can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires. They can also detect carbon monoxide leaks. But here’s what’s great about these devices, they alert you directly to your smartphones whenever any potential hazard has been detected. This gives people a heads-up in advance to take the necessary precautions. 

Surge Protection

Surge Protection should be on your list when it comes to getting any work done for the new place. But Surge Protection methods do not require any installations. Rather, with Surge Coverage Plans, for instance, you only need a subscription to a plan and make monthly payments in order to get monetary compensation for if any electronic device needs repairs or has to be replaced because of damage done by a power surge. 

Energy Efficiency 

Investing in smart devices for your home means investing in energy-efficient resources. Not only does that cut down on the utility bills over time but it also raises the value of your property. Here are some smart home devices that are great at saving energy.

  1. Smart Thermostat

Before moving into your new home, maybe consider switching out the traditional thermostat for a smart one. It won’t even take more than 30 minutes to have a smart thermostat installed and functional – and might we add, they’re pretty easy to install by yourselves. Smart Thermostats can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, as well as voice assistants; and they can also be set to follow a schedule as per your routine. 

But here’s what the best part is, given that these thermostats can be controlled via smartphones and wireless devices, therefore they can be controlled remotely too – and yes that also includes while being in a completely different city. This leaves no room for carelessness as you can switch your thermostat on or off remotely.


  1. Smart Lights

Much like all smart devices, even smart lights are controlled through mobile applications on smartphones, tablets and are even voice assistant compatible. And that means the same for them: remote, wireless access and scheduling of operations for individual smart bulbs. Multiple smart bulbs can however be collectively controlled through a central hub. So there really is no excuse for leaving the lights on when you can just switch it off from your phone. Not only are smart bulbs energy efficient, but they’re also great for security because you can switch the lights on or off if you’re ever out of town – make it seem like someone’s home. 

Incorporating the above-mentioned gadgets and ideas into your new home plan will make your new space much better than you would anticipate it to be. Not only are these affordable, but also quite easily available to the domestic user. Head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com today and check out the catalog! 

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