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How to run a productive mentoring session?

Mentorship is crucial for almost all business entrepreneurship learning domains, be it any professional work. Mentoring is critical to make people proficient in whatever field they choose. Proper mentoring can change a person’s personality entirely and help them excel in the area.

With proper mentoring, people can develop their skills much more efficiently. Now the first question arises where to get good mentoring from? And are there any platforms we can help with for the same?

The answer is that there are mentoring platforms with excellent results. These types of platforms help both the mentor and the mentee to excel in the field and grow their expertise.

Taking the right advice from an experienced person can help mentees resist committing big life mistakes that may happen without mentors and their great advice. And people must decide on mentorship at the right time to save precious time and golden opportunities.

Benefits of mentoring platforms:

The mentoring platforms ensure that the mentee gets full accessibility to top-quality, bestseller authors, professionals, renowned speakers, experts, and guidance under the same venue.

The mentoring platforms are not very expensive and can be afforded easily by the mentee And are the hub of knowledge in a single shed.

The mentoring platforms also have rating systems using which the registered mentee can rate the mentors, and according to their rating, changes are made at the convenience of the mentee

Also, additional facilities are provided, like audio-video calling, direct question-answer classes, and a highly secured payment facility. The users have to only pay for whatever services they are using. No additional charges are taken from the users.

Step for running Mentoring platforms smoothly :

Creating Account– On mentoring platforms, one has to create an account by signing up. The mentor and mentee have to provide answers to some basic personal details for successful registration onto the platform. Then the mentee will be redirected to the payment page where they have to make the payment; after successful payment, the mentee will be completely registered. In the case of Mentors, they have to provide details like the skills and the experience they carry in the field. Also, they have to give their bank account details for their salary.

Looking for the perfect mentor– on the mentoring platform, the mentee can check the details about the mentors. Also, if the parties are not visible, mentees can request particular mentor profile details to check their expertise so that mentees can select the best for themselves. Also, the mentee has the facility to rate the mentor; this rating is observed, and action is taken on that basis.

Guide Sessions– A proper timetable and schedule are set, and daily sessions are scheduled for the Mentees so they can focus on their work. Sessions of about 20-30 minutes, as per the convenience of the mentee and mentor, are scheduled, and daily reporting and evaluations are done for improvement. Mentors guide the mentees about books to refer to, and one-to-one counseling is also taken. Therefore these sessions are specially meant for one-to-one guidance to each mentee registered on the mentoring platform.

Live chatting and doubt-clearing sessions-the mentoring platforms also have live chatting sessions, which are beneficial for the mentee for daily reports and improvement analysis. It is observed that if a mentee is not querying in the doubt sessions or not actively participating in the session, the mentee is not focused, and mentors need to keep their eyes on them.

Taking valuable feedback– Feedback is critical; most of the time, the platforms do not have such an option to get themselves reviewed by the users, but this should never be the case. The system of taking feedback helps the platform to make improvements in its system and to be in touch with its hidden system, which various organizations mostly ignore.

Mentoring platforms are the bridge between Mentor and Mentee and help strengthen the relationship between both. Mentors can easily focus on the mentee on such platforms, and they can provide proper guidelines to the mentee, highlighting the weak and strong points. Also, this way the mentors are also benefited as these platforms are good sources of generation of new job opportunities in the market which is experiencing a recession nowadays.


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