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How To Know If A Watch Is A Luxury Purchase

A watch should be a pleasant anti-magnetic, big, high-end, and flashy statement piece on the wrist. Watch is the embodiment of reaching a personal goal. It should be the unbelievably high quality of its watches with a self-winding mechanism. Watches have flattered the cornerstone of the case foundation from the brand. Rolexes is one of the pioneers for delivering clean and simple designs. For those who want to start buying actual luxury watches, Rolex oyster perpetual is the best option. Here is a small guide for entry-level and straightforward watches.


The movement inside the watch must be excellent and highly accurate with accuracy -2/+2 secs/day. Its caliber should be COSC certified and a real workhorse of a movement. One unique feature requirement is it should be a straight-up timekeeping device. The bracelet and case both need to be flawlessly finished, and the patient has to be complemented by smooth brushing. From 26 millimeters to 41 millimeters, watches need to be available in different sizes that bear all kinds of dial variations. To protect the movement, watches feature both a screw-down crown and screw-down case back, which creates a hermetically sealed environment. The new features of new eyes have a bit more of a reflective shine to its base, making it feel showier than average. Various watches like the Rolex oyster perpetual are even released in more conventional and youthful blue, green, black, and white fun colors in the dial.

  • It should have 70 hours of power reserve.
  • Near the dial’s outskirts, minute markings are clear linear indicators.
  • Service interval of 10 years is beneficial.
  • Needs to have at least 100 meters of water resistance. 

For more excellent legibility, watches modifies super luminous onto the minute and hour hand in low light situations. The eyes need to give a good layout and balance throughout the dial, no matter the price segment. It should provide the same high excellence as with any other model. The brand can only succeed in terms of comfort. With tapered baton-style hands,time-telling is handled. The watch should consist of a date and a turning bezel to follow in the singular expansion. It should be able to keep constant tension on the mainspring. For many watches, the design of Rolex Oyster Perpetual served as a precedent; it acts as a backbone for all modern eyes. 

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