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How to choose curtains to redesign your home

Curtains are the need of every house. They provide elegance, beauty and attraction to the home and make it eye-catching. In this article we will completely explain you about the techniques and tips you should adopt for the selection of curtains to redesign your home.

Tips for choosing the right curtain:

Choosing the right curtain for your home is a very difficult task as there is a large and versatile variety of curtains. You can choose the best one you need according to your interest. You can match them with the color scheme of your room or the color of the furniture. Below is the list of the things, you should keep in mind before getting the curtains.

  • Color:

Opt for light-colored curtains window such as whites, off-whites, and beige, Smokey gray either in solids or light prints, depending upon the color of the room for a relaxed look, as it creates an illusion of more space that too in style. Be it a double-height living room or a grant master bedroom suite, these spaces are all perfect for those classic deep dark drapes.

  • Fabric:

The second tip you should keep in mind is that you should go for sheer curtains in small rooms. The sheer curtains will allow light to enter and will provide a breezy feel at the same time exhibit a luxurious feel. On the other hand, for larger spaces it is preferable to go for curtains or drapes instead of sheer curtains or team curtains and sheers, curtains and draperies or curtains and blinds together. But while you are choosing curtains for your living room, where the TV is placed in front of the window, you should make sure to opt for blackout fabric curtains as they have heavy lining and could entirely block light from entering.

  • Lines:

Mostly small rooms come along with ceilings, in such cases you should go ahead with vertical textures and patterns, as it adds a specific and a particular height to the room. And opting for curtains with textures or patterns horizontally in larger space would help in shrinking down the height.

  • Blend It In:

The fourth and the most important thing about the redesigning is that you should choose curtains in the same color or a slightly lighter shade than the walls, to provide uniformity in tiny rooms. Whereas do not shy away from using contrast designs and colors in both bold and mild form in medium-sized to a large room, depending upon its size.

  • Rod Length:

The main thing about the rod is that it shouldn’t end just right over the windows; it should be of maximum width, extended on both sides as it makes the window look larger as well as it allows more light to enter the room.

Redesigning your home is a quite difficult task but after reading this article I hope that it will be just a piece of cake for you.

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