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How Autoblow 2 can blow your mind

The boring days when you pleasured yourself with your hand are over. Now, something different is available. We present you Autoblow 2, perfect Lovense Max 2 Bluetooth Remote Controlled Male Masturbator that allows you to pleasure yourself in a realistic way. Autoblow is a blowjob machine with so many advantages. It is automatic sex toy that offers maximum satisfaction. Its compact size gives you an opportunity to carry it with you wherever you go, whenever you want. It comes with a holder, a cap and a sleeve.

How Autoblow 2 really works?


Simulates sex via an internal motor, skin and rib-like material. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Due to the different, interchangeable sizes of the case, it adapts to your best piece like other skin and beyond, which you can choose from different body openings.  With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you will soon experience a sex toy for men that set a new standard in realistic solo experiences. Blowjob simulation machine gives you three ways to choose from when going solo.

Autoblow is a masturbator. What is a masturbator? It’s a sex toy with artificial opening similar to mouth, anus or a vagina. It consists of high-quality material similar to skin. Some men stated it provides authentic sexual experience during masturbation. Most models are similar to mouth and a vagina. This new model can be described as a masturbation machine or a blowjob machine.

It is the most interesting sex toy you’ll ever see. It comes with a powerful motor, it is totally automatic and it also has a remote control for motion Many men agree it is the best machine for masturbation. What does it looks like? It has a cylinder shape with an opening with replaceable sleeves. Masturbator is made of high quality materials. It’s made of leather and it is very similar to a skin. It comes to a standard size; it can be adjusted to the size of the penis.

Why is Autoblow perfect sex toy for men?


Autoblow is a sex toy able to massage the entire penis and it guarantees a feeling of a deepthroat along with a blowjob. Sleeves are available in several different sizes and are made for men of all penis sizes. This new model intensifies the stimulation of a penis with a strong mechanism and it is very realistic. Go ahead and buy yourself your first Autoblow, you will love it.

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