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Home improvements you can do while using mesh wire 

Mesh wires are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications when there is a need for separation or filtration of goods. In commercial applications, mesh wires are used in insect screening or animal fencing. More widespread applications include mesh wire, a type of security mesh like a window, machine, or stairwell panel guards. 

But, when it comes to spicing up your home, some projects fall into the preventative maintenance category while others seem to be more comfortable and appearance. While, typical mesh wires are used to provide protection, improve safety, and efficiency to protect and enhance the ambiance of your home. 

So in this article, we might see functional home improvements with mesh wire. 

  • DIY Pest control 

Mesh wire can also act as a DIY pest control depending on where you live and a time of the year, such as rodents, birds, raccoons, or even snakes trying to enter your home. These mesh wires help rescue them and act as a protective barrier.

Hardware cloth is a beneficial solution for securing your property and keeping it away from dirt. Environmental friendly and affordable metal mesh wire can be used to seal extra entry points and exclude creepy crawlers that block or obstruct your beautiful window view. 

  • Foundation vents and soffit screens

Mesh wire foundations are often soft and crucial components of homes’ overall presence. They intend to keep birds, squirrels, rats, and other small animals far from entering your home through the crawlspace, roofs, or basements available in the house. 

The other benefit of a DIY foundation is to promote airflow. This mainly helps eliminate the excess moisture and reduce the temperature in the area of your homes at the most vulnerable fireplaces. 

  • Gutter guards 

Gutter guards keep rodents, snakes, and bugs off your gutters. Ultimately mesh wires help you in a more accessible way. Wire mesh allows you to avoid clogging and overflowing, leading to the rotting roof of a flooded basement. 

  • Chimney caps and fire safety screen 

If you live in wood-burning fireplaces, then you might worry about a proper chimney cap to replace it. Hence mesh wires are the perfect option to look for your home. This spark arrestor helps to contain embers within your chimney while acting as a barrier between your home and other external sources. 

You can make your chimney out of woven metal materials. To stop the fire from safety and prevention, consider replacing vents with mesh wires at a fireplace inside your home. A domed mesh cover is also an excellent replacement for an outdoor domain. 

  • Window screening and screen doors

Did you know? You can make your window screen out of mesh metal wires. Well, we do. 

The material is durable and flexible, and transparent in color. This makes a good option for keeping insects out of your home and having sleepless nights while worrying about keeping windows open. 

Also, mesh wire panels are used to create screen doors for porch enclosures. Finely woven wires are a long-lasting solution and also plenty pliable. 

  • Durable metal fencing 

This type of fencing is budget-friendly, durable, and has excellent resistance to outdoor elements. Many home builders build fencing and deck railings out of large metal mesh and lumber. So this replacement mesh wire is a perfect option to look for in your home. 


Enjoy the home improvements listed down and make a change right now. Mesh wires are used in a variety of inventive ways. It will be grateful if you make any changes in your home and grab these mesh wires instantly. 


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