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Herniated Disc 101 – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, And More

A herniated disc is a problem associated with a disc-like structure between the lower spinal bones. Over 2% of the global population is diagnosed with a herniated disc every year. This condition can be treated well at KDMS hospital, at a lower than average cost. This disorder can only be medically diagnosed and is curable, and one should perform a diagnosis as early as possible.

Why Does It Occur?

A herniated disc is an occurrence in which the outer portion of the vertebral disc is ripped up, making the softer inner part of the organ to herniate through the fibers. Herniation means pushing through the crack of the outer portion. The herniated material can then flatten the nervous structure surrounding the disc. It causes pain that emits through the back, and in some cases, down the arms and legs. Cervical spinal herniation and lumbar spinal herniation are two types of this disorder.

Where Does It Occur?

A herniated disc disorder can occur in any part of the spinal cord, but the most common area is the lower back or the top of one’s back, in the neck area. 

What Are The Symptoms To Watch Out For?

A herniated disc disorder requires a medical diagnosis which you can get done at KDMS hospital. It has no medically proven symptoms. But many people who suffer from the disorder usually claim to have the following ailments.

  • Pain in the legs, arms, and back.
  • Leg numbness, burning, or tingling in those areas.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Weakness in the muscles.

One should watch out for these symptoms.

How To Treat The Disorder?

Our body reacts well to exercise and tablets or other medications we can get over-the-counter in most cases. It is easily treatable. You also have to be cautious so as not to overwork your body since it may worsen the condition. If the pain doesn’t go away, one should definitely consult a medical professional and get x-rays and a diagnosis done. This disorder can be cured by chiropractic therapy as well as spinal surgery in the latter stages.

At early stages, this disorder can be treated with workouts and drugstore medications. But non-diagnosis of a herniated disc disorder can result in other diseases as well. A severely herniated disc can paralyze the human body, and proper medical treatment is essential. One can visit KDMS hospital for a quick check-up if the pain doesn’t subside.

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