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Benefits of traveling with private guides

Taking Halkidiki private excursions are a modern, very interesting and profitable option for excursions, they can be varied, it all depends on the budget and your wishes: the rest is interesting and rich, with a complete immersion in local life.

Saving money

Comfort, safety, and saving your time is worth the money spent because no one has canceled the proverb that the miser pays twice. On excursions as part of a large group, people often have to overpay, because at commercial stops tourists are brought to shops and cafes with inflated prices.

An individual guide will tell you budget places and the best places for shopping where you can save money. In the case when you are going on Halkidiki sailing cruises with a large group of friends and acquaintances, you can share its cost for everyone, and also win in price.

Time-saving option

Imagine a person who worked for several months and saved up money for a long-awaited trip. On vacation, you want to do everything at once: sunbathe and wander around unfamiliar towns, taste exotic dishes and buy souvenirs for your relatives. What happens when traveling with a large excursion group? Most of the time is spent on solving logistical problems: you need to get everyone together, then take them back, not to lose anyone along the way. 

Add to this the long stops for people to go to the toilet or eat, buy souvenirs and food, as well as the time to get on and off the bus. Your guide knows exactly when the attraction is expected to be busy and will bring you to them before or after the large crowds of sightseers. As a result, precious time is spent efficiently, the journey becomes richer and brighter, and you have time to see, try, and feel a lot.

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