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Appreciating the uniqueness of the Cyclamen plant as an ingredient

You might have purchased some quality perfumes and fragrances and have seen that they have Cyclamen included as one of their ingredients. Well, this unique ingredient is a plant. It is definitely a very unique plant. Apart from its many benefits for the perfume making industry, it has medicinal benefits too. How? Well, the rhizome, which is its underground stem and roots, is used by medical practitioners and scientists to make medicine. Yes. This means that the plant being used in making perfume is not just for its name or its perfect fragrance. 

Better brands make better decisions 

Before you know any other thing, you should know that not all perfume-making companies appreciate the unique features of this plant or ingredient in their perfumes. Also, not all of them know about this plant. Those that know most often are not able to make the right combinations to bring out the best perfumes and fragrances. That is why the best brands that are able to do this, like Eternis, have become the talk of the world’s perfumery brands and companies.

You should value your safety in using this plant

Although it is said and recommended that people do not use plants that are very strong in themselves without the right directions, people still do. How? With clear issues of safety glaring, some people take or use cyclamen orally. They do this with the mindset of treating digestion issues and nervous emotional state issues. Most women also take the plant to help with their menstrual disorders. There are medical companies that make use of this plant in manufacturing the best nose spray. These sprays are used to treat rhinosinusitis, which is a condition of nasal passage swelling and sinusitis. This happens due to infections. The truth is that this plant is known to be used for so many things. However, if they are not used the right way and with the right guide, you will end up in a lot of trouble when you use them. So, you need to be very careful. When the nose sprays that are made with this plant are used, they help in loosening mucus as well as helping in draining sinuses. So, with just this information, you can be sure and certain that there is no way the use of this plant as a perfume making ingredient is a problem. This is because it will not be too strong to smell or affect people with asthmatic issues. 

Harmful when ingested by mouth

The reason why companies like Eternis use this plant in making quality perfumes is that, it has been proven to be safe there. It is not safe to be used by the mouth. When this plant is ingested into the body through the mouth, it causes a lot of problems like vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea, nausea, and more. So, make sure you do not ingest or take anything into your mouth.


It is always good for an individual to research the ingredients found in fragrance and perfume packs or bottles before using them. This helps you to know for sure if you are allergic or react negatively to any of them or not. Remember, cyclamen is an ingredient found in perfumes that will not cause irritation issues for you. However, further research will assist you in making an informed decision.


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